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Access Control in the Data Centre - E-Plus secures 300 Server Cabinets with AGENT E from EMKA

E-Plus Group, a German cell phone provider, operates a Data Center with about 300 server cabinets at its Duesseldorf operation. These cabinets were recently enhanced by about 600 electromechanical locks AGENT E from EMKA.

For local opening the deployed version of the AGENT E from EMKA uses on electronic key fobs which radiate an encoded light. This signal is detected by the lock and transmitted wireless to the access points at the ceiling of the Data Centre to check the authorization with the related user group. This personalises access. The AGENT E system logs all access data and saves it fail-safe. It can be operated via a web browser but also be integrated in the customer’s building management system.

In addition to improved access control in the Data Center, E-Plus attached great importance to fast and simple installation. The AGENT E lock from EMKA does not require any cabling in the cabinet and could be installed during full operation of the cabinets.