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Extrusion of Profiles

Technical Data

  • Number of lines: 15 in total
  • Materials: EPDM / NBR / PVC / TPE
  • Manufacturer: Gerlach, Itaigum, others
  • Sealing profiles with and without metal reinforcement, as Mono and Bi profiles.
  • Production of rings and frames as well as ready-made lengths.
  • Profiles with slip varnish, flock and adhesive tapes.

EMKA produces the high-quality profiles in its own production sites

EMKA extrudes profiles of various materials, both of EPDM, thermoplastics, PVC and profiles with metal lamination. It is also possible to join different materials such as thermoplastics and metals.
Following the extrusion, adhesive tape, lubricant varnish as well as flocking can be applied fully automatically. The range is perfected by subsequent processing steps and further processing options.

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