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Aluminium Die Casting and Forging

The EMKA Group has taken over GSB Aluminium GmbH from Wuppertal to further expands its production range. With the now acquired production process of aluminium die casting, aluminium forging and aluminium friction welding, EMKA rounds off its prodcution spectrum.
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Technical Data

  • 9 machines for aluminium die casting
  • Ready for manifold geometries in the common aluminium alloys from 5 g up to 8 kg per part
  • Aluminium forgings of a piece weight of up to 2.5 kg
  • 10 machining centres for further product processing, e.g.:
    Friction welding, PUR sealing foam and surface treatments
  • Machine producer: e.g. Frech

High-end aluminium die casting with 9 top modern die casting machines for aluminium products. With 10 additional machining centres EMKA is specialized in further processiong its aluminium products. EMKA is also Expert in aluminium forging and friction welding.

Find out more about EMKA Mould & Series and the wide range of services with which EMKA is able to meet individual customer requirements: Mould making and initial sample production from one source with optional series production.

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