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Interior lock

Program 5131, 9301

Further information/CAD

Article information

Latches and handles

■ available in various colours
■ Locking block ordered separately
■ RH and LH applicable
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
5131-U649-AAInterior lock polyamide GF black0,0992 kg1001
5131-U659-AAInterior lock polyamide black0,0972 kg1001
9301-U802-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,0979 kg2000180
9301-U803-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,0994 kg20001
9301-U804-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,1005 kg500200
9301-U805-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,0987 kg1001
9301-U810-AAInterior handle ployamide black, RH0,1253 kg100125
9301-U812-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,0993 kg5001
9301-U813-AAInterior handle polyamide black0,1002 kg100100
9301-U815-AAInterior handle ployamide black, pivot stainless, plate and screws zinc plated, with spring, LH0,099 kg1001