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Door locking system: 2-point-locking

Program 2004, 5177

Further information/CAD

Article information

Latches and handles

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
2004-5060-783Fastening clamp ployamide black
2004-8001-00Bowden cable0,0561 kg3001
2004-B8027Strike plate St zinc plated0,32 kg2012004-B80272004-B8027
2004-B8031Rotary latch lock m.s. zinc plated0,2963 kg10001002004-B80312004-B8031
2004-B8034Strike plate St zinc plated0,2905 kg10012004-B80342004-B8034
2004-B8036Rotary latch lock m.s. zinc plated0,2963 kg100012004-B80362004-B8036
5177-U201-AAInterior handle polyamide GF black0,1052 kg1000150