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180° Screw-on torque hinge with adjustment function

Program 1056

Further information/CAD


Product benefits
■ adjustable torque
■ holds any position continuously at adequate load
■ constant torque across 180° adjustment range
■ same torque while opening and closing
■ compatible with all hinges of the 1056 program with identical cut out

■ can replace door stops, cover stays or gas springs depending on installation location

Dimensioning / Calculation:
The number of hinges in case of covers depends on the size and the weight of the cover. We are pleased to help you with the dimensioning of the hinges on request.

Torque hinge
The hinge can be set continuously in any position. There it remains at the same position. The torque is similar when opening and closing.

This torque hinge is suitable for doors and covers.

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1056-U6-01180° screw-on torque hinge with adjustment function0,0522 kg10300X1056-U6-011056-U6-01
1056-U10-01180° screw-on torque hinge with adjustment function0,09169 kg10100X1056-U10-011056-U10-01
1056-U14-01180° screw-on torque hinge with adjustment function0,16 kg101X1056-U14-011056-U14-011056-U14-011056-U14-01