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Stainless steel compression latch with indicator



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Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches for big door gauges

Accessories for Control cabinets and Fixing material

Accessories for Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches


Tamper and vibration proof
The compression latch is vibration proof as such. Depending on the installation location and the operational conditions, specific tests and/or supplementary measures of fastening are necessary.
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-SU215-01LIPHStainless steel compression latch with indicator0,127 kg50011000-SU215-01LIPH1000-SU215-01LIPH
1000-SU215-01REPHStainless steel compression latch with indicator0,14 kg50011000-SU215-01REPH1000-SU215-01REPH