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Multi-point locking systems

EMKA locking systems control multi-point locking systems with various types of swinghandles, lifthandles or escutcheon and offer the right solution for almost any hole pattern. The round rods or flat rods are freely selectable in length and are individually adapted as required. Depending on the installation situation, the multi-point locks with swinghandle can securely lock the cabinet door inside or outside the sealing area in the cabinet housing. There are also special swing handle programmes with flexible locking components or more clear width as well as the 3000 programme "Agent E" for maximum security in the rack management of server cabinets, including monitoring software.

Effective protection of valuable electronics and sensitive data

Multi-point interlocks for control cabinet doors are specifically designed to protect valuable or sensitive equipment and electronics and increase security.

Instead of relying on a single locking point like a traditional key or deadbolt lock, multi-point locks distribute the locking mechanism across multiple points on the door frame, increasing the level of security.

A typical multi-point latch for a control cabinet door may have multiple latching points along the edge of the door. These locking points may consist of bolts, pins or hooks that engage the frame or jamb of the door when locked. The exact number and type of locking points may vary depending on the system and the level of security required.


Secure solutions for control cabinet doors

Multi-point locking systems can also include additional features to enhance security, such as tamper-proof screws or covers to prevent unauthorised access or tampering with the locking mechanism. Some systems may also be equipped with an alarm or monitoring system to notify staff if the door is opened or the locking mechanism is tampered with.

Overall, multi-point locks provide a very secure and reliable solution for control cabinet doors, protecting valuable equipment and electronics from theft, damage or unauthorised access.  EMKA also offers multi-point locking bar locks that provide extra secure locking of doors to give you peace of mind at all times.

Electronic locking solutions are also offered, such as the Agent E swing handle with AES-256-bit encryption for the highest security requirements in access control. EMKA can also develop custom customer solutions for specific requirements. An example is a swing handle with resistance class RC2 for outdoor control cabinets with an integrated card reader that can only be opened by authorized personnel. EMKA has an extensive modular product program for locks, but also offers customized solutions developed in-house at its technology center in Wuppertal.

Conventional and electronic locking solutions with expansion options

Sometimes standardized locks reach their limits when special customer requirements need to be met. Custom-made locking systems then offer the appropriate solution. In addition to conventional locking systems, electronic locking solutions are increasingly in demand. EMKA also offers a complete portfolio here - from electromechanical outdoor handles for active and passive housings, to electronic cabinet locks, to highly innovative solutions for data centers that require no wiring at all.

EMKA offers various locking systems in the industries of switch and control cabinets, server racks, rail vehicles, commercial vehicles, and mechanical engineering. Conventional locking solutions include a three-point locking system with a compression latch with multiple locking points to ensure secure closure. When the compression latch is turned only 90°, the door closes at several locking points that can be flexibly placed on a rod. The vertically distributed locking points can be extended to additional horizontal points with a specially developed corner guide.

Multi-point locking system with compression latch