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Where can I find the part number and how?

You find the part number for a certain product in chapter 12B of the main catalogue.
Beside the part number you also find the reference of the catalogue page where you find the part you are looking for.
Provided that the part number is not known you start your choice over the corresponding matrix pages (1A 100, 1B 100, 1C 100, 2A 100, 2B-100, etc.).

How do I search correctly?

With input of part number(s) you can have all file formats or only a certain format displayed.

Product groups can be direcly shown by adding the *, for example 6004* oder 6010-08*

What can I do when my file cannot be found or does not exist?

If you do not find CAD-data for the part you are looking for please refer to the contact below:

Mr. H. Wolle
Tel.: +49 -(0)2051-273-210
Fax: +49 -(0)2051-273-279
E-mail: cad-support@emka.de

Information about the formats STEP, IGES, DXF and DWG.

 We provide the formats STEP and IGES. These are used for the following design programs:


  • Solid Works
  • Solide Edge V14
  • Inventor 53
  • Euclid
  • Unigraphics. 

 The formats DXF and DWG are not supported.

How do I change my master data?

After logging in you find your "User profil" on the left navigation. There your data can be edited and then changed data can be saved.

Why isn't my password accepted?

Possible reasons:
- wrong password! Remedy: request a new password!
- Your password doesn't have access for a certain download area.

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