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New folding T-handle series for heavy duty doors

EMKA has expanded its product range with a folding T-Handle series. These are robust locks dedicated for use on heavy or large doors and flaps with a thickness of up to 4 mm. For this reason, the folding handles have also been designed to be significantly larger and stronger than the basic version.

The new robust folding handles are available in two different materials. In the first material version, both the dish and the handle are made of zinc die. Both components can be supplied chrome-plated or powder-coated - or in combination - depending on the customer's requirements. The second version consists of a stainless steel dish in combination with zinc die or stainless steel T-handles.

The opening mechanism focuses on user-friendliness, stability, and safety. The T-handle is folded up out of the dish and then turned through 90° to open the door. A choice of two round cylinder versions with identical or different keys secures the folding handle in the dish. The model series 10503 can be additionally locked with a padlock < Ø 8mm and/or extended with a 12V central locking system. In this way, important doors can be secured twice or even three times.

The large locking forces are absorbed by solid steel or stainless steel cams in various crankings or alternatively by a 20 mm adjustable roller cam. To prevent moisture and dirt from penetrating through the folding T-handle, it is equipped with a seal made of sponge rubber and thus achieves protection class IP 65.

Thanks to their large, robust design and high weather resistance, the folding T-handles of the new series can be used in many areas. The modern design with the flush lock and the high-quality surface finish also perfectly suits its area of application.

The advantages for the customer:

  • the robust construction allows for applications with strong acting forces
  • the flush finish with the bodywork guarantees a low risk of injury when used on vehicles, while emphasising the design in a clear, uninterrupted line
  • the shiny surfaces and the use of chrome underlines the high quality of the T-handle

The wide-ranging applications on flaps, lids and doors are on trucks, dump trucks, cranes, excavators, special vehicles, agricultural vehicles as well as generators, large HVAC units and other units protected with thick sheet metal.

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