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Thanks to EMKA something is turning on the Golf

Dubai tourists have never seen Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Co. like this before: With the ­Dubai Eye (Ain Dubai), a new star will enrich the Persian Gulf skyline starting mid-2020. By July at the latest, the first visitors are to turn their rounds on what will then be the world’s largest Ferris wheel – and will probably be amazed by the latest technology including 4D projection. This would not be possible without customised cooling systems. To ensure the reliability of the cooling technology, the are chambers are equipped with closure solutions from EMKA.


On Bluewater Island, a man-made island off Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world is being built with a height of 210 meters and a diameter of 250 meters. The Dubai Eye is heavier than the Eiffel Tower. Up to 1,400 passengers can be transported simultaneously in the 48 gondolas and admire landmarks such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the palm island Jumeirah during the journey. At the same time, a 4D projection will provide visitors with everything they need to know about Dubai. One thing already seems certain: the emirate is creating another tourist magnet with the Ferris wheel.

To make the Dubai Eye not only the largest, but also the best of its kind, it needs the latest and safest technology, which will work in the long term even with an enormous rush of an estimated three million visitors a year. An EMKA client was therefore awarded the contract to supply the cooling systems for the Dubai Eye. Functioning cooling technology is essential for safe and complication-free driving operation. In particular, the cooling units must be protected against unauthorised access with high-quality locking technology. This is when EMKA comes in as vendor of extremely ­robust, long-lasting, but comfortable swivel handles.

Dust and water jets require high impermeability

When developing suitable closure solutions, EMKA was particularly concerned with taking into account the harsh weather conditions in the Persian Gulf; the air has a high dust content, which can lead to contamination and damage. The swivel handles developed by EMKA, therefore, meet the IP65 degree of protection as they are dust-tight and reliably prevent the penetration of jet water. The handles can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner without hesitation.

In addition, the essential requirements were to make the locking technology mechanically stable. The swivelling handles are robust and can also ward off energetic physical attacks without any problems. “Only the best locking systems are good enough for the Dubai Eye project. We have developed custom-made solutions that are precisely tailored to the ­specific requirements of the client and the location”, explains Dr. Günter Schamel, General Manager EMKA Middle East.

Despite the demanding specifications, the time constraint for implementing the project was very tight. Within the first three months of receipt of the order, the EMKA system underwent several detailed technical analyses and was approved both by the customer and by an external consultant. “The particularly rapid implementation was achieved in particular thanks to the close ­cooperation with our client. This enabled us to develop a system in which all elements complement each other perfectly,” summarises Dr. Schamel.