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EMKA gets the Award-Double

The EMKA colleagues were thrilled when it became known that not only one, but two products were awarded the 2019 German Innovation Award. This award highlights products and solutions across all industry sectors, in which the afore-mentioned are distinguished above all by the focus on the user and added value compared to previous solutions. “This award makes great achievements visible to a broad audience and ensures a successful positioning in the market," said the jury. The award was presented for the second time at the end of May as part of a festive gala in the Technikmuseum in Berlin. More than 350 invited guests from businesses, politics and media have answered the call of the exclusive invitation. Mr Clemens Mayer, EMKA’s Sales Manager for caravans and trailers, accepted the two prizes.


And the winners are…

“eCam Safety” and "ePush Lock” are the names of the two winners made by our company. eCam Safety is an electro-mechanical tongue-and-groove locking device that attaches to machinery and equipment worthy of protection. It protects the inside of caravan vehicles and prevents the unauthorised use of doors and covers. The system is individually adaptable to customer products. Depending on how the customer wants to electronically control the locking device, an operation via RFID card reader, PIN code, fingerprint or other methods is feasible. The ePush Lock is a solution with no visible components on the outside of doors and covers inside the caravan area. A slight push on the outside is enough to open the doors automatically. This is not only practical but also something for the eye. Handles on doors and covers can be irritating and should be a thing of the past.

EMKA receives top marks in GERMANY TEST

As if two German Innovation Awards were not enough reason to celebrate, there is another reason for EMKA to celebrate: The business magazine Focus Money has certified us the “Outstanding title” in the extensive GERMANY TEST and awarded us the "Highest Reputation" seal. In a large-scale study, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) examined the reputation of the 5,000 largest German companies. The result has now been published as DEUTSCHLAND TEST: EMKA receives the title “Outstanding” for the highest reputation!

According to the US market research firm harris interactive, five topics determine how a company or a brand is valued: management, sustainability, product and service, performance as an employer and profitability. The IMWF investigated these factors on behalf of GERMANY TEST and Focus Money for the largest 5,000 companies from over 140 industries. About 18 million individual answers were evaluated. Given this large number of entries, we are pleased that EMKA has achieved the rating of “Excellent” in all 5 subject areas.

Last year, EMKA was honoured by the Wirtschaftswoche magazine as the "World market leader" for locking devices, hinges and gaskets. The current recognition by DEUTSCHLAND TEST and Focus Money once again proves the high reputation that EMKA enjoys in the market.