Rod control

Rod control

Program 1125, 1225

The rod control consists of three different plastic parts and can be mounted fast and easily. The rods can be clipped-in. The rod control has a very smooth running because of the material combination chosen (different high-performance plastics). The outstanding running characteristics are based on the involute toothing. The precise end stop should be emphasised which does no longer depend on the „flattened“ teeth of the gear wheels but is guided over a large area into the enclosure. All parts consist of high-performance plastics: no corrosion and no metallic clatter (nor with regard to the clipped-in rods), because of stiff (joint-free) clip connection and a high level of stability. Wing knob, T-handle and L-handle remain in defined position. Very suitable for cabinets, where only one, top or bottom, rod can be used as well as cabinets with multipoint locking.

3YA-115: Rod control Program 1125, 1225
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