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Stainless steel safety quarter turn without mask

Program 1000


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Stainless steel program

Safety quarter turn This lock is of a vibration proof design. Depending on the installation location and operational conditions, specific checks are necessary and/or supplementary measures of fastening required. Note:
Only cams without a stop can be used! The H-dimension will be reduced by 2 mm with this finger pull installed (see catalogue page 1C-320).
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1000-U817-01PHSafety quarter turn0,07048 kg1011000-U817-01PH1000-U817-01PH
1000-U817-03PHSafety quarter turn0,06871 kg1011000-U817-03PH1000-U817-03PH1000-U817-03PH1000-U817-03PH
1000-U817-05PHSafety quarter turn0,05653 kg111000-U817-05PH1000-U817-05PH
1000-U817-07PHSafety quarter turn0,07031 kg111000-U817-07PH1000-U817-07PH
1000-U817-24PHSafety quarter turn0,07376 kg111000-U817-24PH1000-U817-24PH