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Program 1250


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This page contains articles by following specifications

Inspection windows, Aluminium windows, Complete doors


EMKA is expanding the product range of 1250 (window) by a series of windows with casted on mounting bolts. Galvanized steel made pin clamping rings are fixing the window on the component concerned.This rings are included in the scope of delivery. The Windows are provided with a captive circumferential and foamed seal so the windows are IP 65 rated. Windows without frame are available for a door thickness (Ts) of 3 to maximum 13 mm, windows with frame are available for a door thickness (Ts) of > 1 to maximum 6 mm.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1250-U4 Window without frame 0,04279 kg 1 1 1250-U4 1250-U4
1250-U5 Window with frame polycarbonate 0,0653 kg 1 1 1250-U5 1250-U5
1250-U6 Window without frame 0,078 kg 500 1 1250-U6 1250-U6
1250-U7 Window with frame polycarbonate 0,10059 kg 1 50 X 1250-U7 1250-U7