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Swinghandle 1180 or escutcheon with rods

Program 1180


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Electronic locking systems

Swinghandles, Lifthandles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1180-U1Swinghandle0,406 kg140X1180-U11180-U1
1180-U2Escutcheon with rod0,25 kg1001
1180-U3Escutcheon with rod0,253 kg10011180-U31180-U3
1180-U4Escutcheon with rod0,24548 kg10011180-U41180-U4
1180-U5Escutcheon with rod0,24558 kg1001
1180-U6Escutcheon with rod0,242 kg1001
1180-U7Escutcheon with rod0,24488 kg1001
1180-U8Escutcheon with rod0,24468 kg1001
1180-U9Escutcheon with rod0,24478 kg1001
1180-U10Escutcheon with rod0,24788 kg1001
1180-U11Escutcheon with rod0,24848 kg150X1180-U111180-U11
1180-U12Escutcheon with rod0,25 kg10011180-U121180-U12
1180-U13Escutcheon with rod0,24818 kg20001
1180-U14Escutcheon with rod0,256 kg200011180-U141180-U14
1180-U15Escutcheon with rod0,24328 kg10011180-U151180-U15
1180-U16Escutcheon with rod20001