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Swinghandle 1154 with WK2 and electromechanical release; limited emergency opening

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Swinghandle 1154 with RC2 and electromechanical release; limited emergency opening This handle is suited for the interior and exterior from -30°C to +80°C. By inputting a 48 V DC signal the handle is released. The max. power-on time is of 1 minute. on release of the han-dle, the LED is illuminated. By pressing the handle into the escutcheon, it will then open. The integrated reed contact serves as remote monitoring of the handle condition. To lock the handle, press it into the escutcheon until the closing mechanism clicks into place. The ready-assembled swinghandle with cover is IP65 on the front and IP42 on the back: With the assembling set „mechanical opening” IP54 With cover in place, the handle is vibration and shock tested and complies to resistance class standard “WK2”. It is not possible to open the handle nondestructively after mounting the cover. PIV Certificate 20-28/09 The swinghandle has successfully passed the test according to WK 2 DIN V ENV 1630. The test was approved by the Test Institute for Locks and Fittings Velbert.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1154-U11 Assembling Set 0,0004 kg 500 1 1154-U11 1154-U11
1154-U12 Swinghandle zinc die light grey powder coated (RAL 7035) 500 1 1154-U12 1154-U12