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Profile half cylinder

Program 1150, 1190


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This page contains articles by following specifications

Components for Swinghandles, Lift handles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1089-U1Profile half cylinder0,16902 kg11X1089-U11089-U1
1089-U2Profile half cylinder0,15628 kg11X1089-U21089-U2
1109-U18-01Profile half cylinder0,06773 kg1001
1109-U19-01Profile half cylinder0,06833 kg1001
1109-U20-01Profile half cylinder0,06889 kg1001
1109-U21-01Profile half cylinder0,06853 kg1001
1109-U22-01Profile half cylinder0,06588 kg1001
1109-U23-01Profile half cylinder0,06775 kg1001
1109-U24-01Profile half cylinder0,0683 kg1001
1109-U25-01Profile half cylinder0,06849 kg1001
1109-U26-01Profile half cylinder0,06963 kg1001
1109-U27-01Profile half cylinder0,07136 kg1001
1109-U28-01Profile half cylinder0,07273 kg1001
1109-U29-01Profile half cylinder0,07066 kg1001
1109-U30-01Profile half cylinder0,0719 kg1001
1109-U31-01Profile half cylinder0,07436 kg1001
1109-U32-01Profile half cylinder0,07373 kg1001
1109-U33-01Profile half cylinder0,07143 kg1001
1109-U34-01Profile half cylinder0,07053 kg1001
1109-U35-01Profile half cylinder0,07123 kg1001
1109-U50-01Profile half cylinder0,08273 kg1001
1109-U51-01Profile half cylinder0,08118 kg1001
1109-U58-01Profile half cylinder0,07193 kg1001