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Locking set

Program 1107, 1150, 1180, 1190, 2100, 2400, 2600


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Art. Info

This page contains articles by following specifications

Components for Swinghandles, Lift handles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1089-U5Profile cylinder0,20279 kg101
1089-U6Profile cylinder0,19005 kg1011089-U61089-U6
1109-U18Profile half cylinder0,10718 kg1001
1109-U19Profile half cylinder0,10778 kg10011109-U191109-U19
1109-U20Profile half cylinder0,1086 kg1001
1109-U21Profile half cylinder0,1082 kg1001
1109-U22Profile half cylinder0,1292 kg1001
1109-U23Profile half cylinder0,1072 kg1001
1109-U24Profile half cylinder0,1082 kg10011109-U241109-U24
1109-U25Profile half cylinder0,1272 kg1001
1109-U26Profile half cylinder0,10908 kg1001
1109-U27Profile half cylinder0,1342 kg1001
1109-U28Profile half cylinder0,1112 kg1001
1109-U29Profile half cylinder0,1102 kg1001
1109-U30Profile half cylinder0,1122 kg1001
1109-U31Profile half cylinder0,1142 kg1001
1109-U32Profile half cylinder0,11318 kg1001
1109-U33Profile half cylinder0,1122 kg1001
1109-U34Profile half cylinder0,10998 kg10011109-U341109-U34
1109-U35Profile half cylinder0,1112 kg1001
1109-U50Profile half cylinder0,12218 kg111109-U501109-U50
1109-U51Profile half cylinder0,1225 kg111109-U511109-U511109-U511109-U51
1109-U52Push button cylinder 0,1129 kg50011109-U521109-U52
1109-U53Push button cylinder 0,1134 kg50011109-U531109-U531109-U531109-U53
1109-U58Profile half cylinder0,1132 kg1001
2100-U6Assembling set for ASSA-cylinder0,029 kg1001
2100-U11Assembling set for profile cylinder0,03459 kg1200X2100-U112100-U11