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Rod control for cam

PRORGAM 1325, 1150


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Components for Swinghandles, Lift handles and Escutcheons

Locking systems

Only cams with stopper of steel and stainless steel can be used.

When using the rod control for cam, the engagement depth of the screw is reduced by 2.5 mm.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1150-U63-01 Rod control 0,03027 kg 5000 1 1150-U63-01 1150-U63-01 1150-U63-01 1150-U63-01
1150-U63-02 Rod control 0,02824 kg 5000 1 1150-U63-02 1150-U63-02 1150-U63-02 1150-U63-02