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80° Counterbalancing spring-loaded hinge

Program 1715


Further information/CAD

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EMKA has set up new tools for the developed and well established POS hinge for chests (e.g. refrigerating chests).  This hinge is freely obtainable and available for different spring loads.
The hinge can be regulated according to the weight of the lid (of the chest) by means of an adjusting nut
in the socle, so that the lid remains in any position. The covers that are included in delivery can be put
on easily after assembling of the hinge.
The spring-loaded hinge for a lid weight of about 6 kg – 23 kg is now available.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1715-U331 Spring-loaded hinge 0,635 kg 100 24 1715-U331 1715-U331
1715-U332 Spring-loaded hinge 0,78 kg 1 100 X 1715-U332 1715-U332
1715-U333 Spring-loaded hinge 0,816 kg 100 20 1715-U333 1715-U333