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180° screw-on hinge

Program 1056


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The EMKA hinge series was expanded by a new small type of screw-on hinge. This screw-on hinge for M4 countercunk screw is made of zinc-die casting, the dimensions of 30 mm x 30 mm make it especially suitable for small hatches. The hinges are available with chrome-plated or black powdered surface. For different variants, please, contact EMKA.
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1056-U3 Screw-on hinge 0,0602 kg 10 10 X 1056-U3 1056-U3
1056-U4 Screw-on hinge 0,0588 kg 10 10 X 1056-U4 1056-U4 1056-U4 1056-U4
1056-U5 Screw-on hinge 0,0461 kg 10 10 X 1056-U5 1056-U5
1056-U5-PH Screw-on hinge 0,0641 kg 1 1 X 1056-U5-PH 1056-U5-PH 1056-U5-PH 1056-U5-PH
1056-U6 Screw-on hinge 0,0484 kg 10 10 X 1056-U6 1056-U6 1056-U6 1056-U6
1056-U30 Hinge PA 0,0117 kg 1 1 X 1056-U30 1056-U30 1056-U30 1056-U30
1056-U32 Hinge PA 0,0041 kg 1 1 X 1056-U32 1056-U32
1056-U41 Hinge PA 0,0085 kg 1 1 X 1056-U41 1056-U41 1056-U41 1056-U41
1056-U60 Screw-on hinge 0,0192 kg 10 10 X 1056-U60 1056-U60
1056-U61 Screw-on hinge 0,0195 kg 2000 10 1056-U61 1056-U61