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EMKA Electronics
ELM Electronic Locking & Monitoring Systems

Control technologies for secure access

The ever-increasing requirements on a modern IT infrastructure demand a maximum of physical security. Following this trend EMKA offers, besides the established mechanical locking solutions, electromechanical handle systems with the matching hardware and software components for access control as well as the control, surveillance and analysis of security-relevant processes around the rack management.
Due to the comprehensive and constantly expanding solutions in this sales segment, EMKA has decided to create a separate catalogue for this product area. This gives EMKA the opportunity to have the printed matter updated promptly and to inform the customer about the new developments as quickly as possible.

The EMKA Electronics catalog includes the following chapter:

Electronics Online catalogue- Rack Management Systems

  • Locks/latches
  • Units
  • Sensors
  • Accessories
  • Software

Electronics Online catalogue - Stand-alone systems

  • Stand-alone versions
  • Accessories

Electronics Download area

In the Electronics Download area you will find Electronics catalogues, brochures, data sheets as PDF files and Electronics Software.