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Heavy duty latch with zinc die shaft

Program 1091


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Quarter turns, Compression latches, Heavy duty latches for big door gauges

Air conditioning applications

Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
1091-17-03Bezel0,0193 kg1500X1091-17-031091-17-03
1091-17-04Bezel0,0192 kg200011091-17-041091-17-04
1091-17-05Bezel0,0194 kg200011091-17-051091-17-05
1091-97Bezel, round, 90°-stop0,0289 kg150008001091-971091-97
1091-U72Handle, keyed EK 3330,1054 kg20001001091-U721091-U72
1091-U73Handle, keyed different0,108 kg20001001091-U731091-U73
1091-U74Handle, square 7 mm0,099 kg200011091-U741091-U74
1091-U75Handle, square 8 mm0,093 kg200011091-U751091-U75
1091-U76Handle, triangular 8 mm0,104 kg200011091-U761091-U76
1091-U77Handle, double bit 3 mm0,1014 kg200011091-U771091-U77
1091-U78Handle, double bit 5 mm0,093 kg200011091-U781091-U78
1091-U79Handle, slot 2x4 mm0,102 kg200011091-U791091-U79
1091-U80Shaft zinc die with cam0,18223 kg111091-U801091-U80
1091-U81Shaft zinc die with cam0,20603 kg1011091-U811091-U81
1091-U82Shaft zinc die with cam0,22603 kg1011091-U821091-U82
1091-U83Shaft zinc die with cam0,19153 kg1011091-U831091-U83
1091-U84Shaft zinc die with cam0,21533 kg1011091-U841091-U84
1091-U85Shaft zinc die with cam0,23533 kg1011091-U851091-U85