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Electronic locking systems

Rack Management Systems

Locking unit for 8 releasable handles and single point latches

  • This unit can actuate up to 8 single point locking systems or handles of the pro-gram 1150 and read 8 status contacts  
  • It is possible to activate several locks simultaneously. In this case it is recom-mended to connect a power-supply unit to each Locking Unit
  • The opening signal for the respective lock is triggered by keypad, RFID card or management software - EMKA Control Cockpit
  • Using the existing inputs the states (open/closed) of locking systems, doors and side walls can be evaluated
  • For supplying the locking systems with 24 V operating voltage a suitable power-sup-ply unit can be connected in addition at the input ‘ext. DC

Sensor Unit

  • Capturing and analysing of different measurements such as temperature, humidity, smoke or electrical parameters  
  • Connection of max. 4 sensors
  •  Switching of max. 4 alarm relay outputs (e. g. switching on or off of fans) depend-ing on the set limits
Art.-Nr.ArticleWeightTrading unitPUEx stockSTEPIGES
3000-U13-02Sensor Module1,211 kg11
3000-U32-02Latch Module for 8 Single Point Latches1,265 kg401