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Smoke sensor; acceleration sensor


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Smoke sensor
  • Optical smoke sensor with VdS approval G2919
  • The sensor is connected to the Sensor Unit 3000-U13-0X
  • In idle mode the sensor provides an output signal of approx. 400 mV. When smoke is detected, the signal leaps to more than 1,800 mV

Acceleration sensor
  • This sensor is suitable in safety-relevant applications to protect against vandalism, destruction and theft. It measures the accelerations in one axis
  • The sensor is connected to the Sensor
  • Unit 3000-U13-0X
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
3000-U34-00 Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0,2094 kg 1 1
3000-U34-01 Photoelectric Smoke Detector 0,211 kg 0 1 X
3000-U38-00 Analogue Acceleration/Tilt Sensor 0,072 kg 10 10
3000-U38-01 Analogue Acceleration/Tilt Sensor 0,0851 kg 10 10

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