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Swinghandle 1317 with WK2


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The new single cylinder swinghandle has successfully passed the WK2 DIN V ENV 1630 test (RC2, resistance class 2 tested). Versions for profile half cylinder (40 or 45 mm) as well as for KABA-cylinders are available. In the electromechanical version the locking cylinder is replaced by a blank plug. During the construction phase previously mentioned locking cylinders can be mounted in addition for mechanical override. Advantages, customer benefits
  • The single cylinder-swinghandle was designed for outdoor use.
  • 40 mm and 45mm profile half cylinders as well as KABA-cylinders can be used.
  • The handle is sealable and can be used for door gauges from 2 to 12 mm. Swinghandles for other door gauges are available upon request.
  • The swinghandle is available with black powder coating surface finish or in grey (RAL 7038) with anti-graffiti coating.
Fields of application
This swinghandle is used for indoor and outdoor enclosures as well as for energy utilities substations.
Program 1317

  • Test according to WK2 DIN V ENV 1630
  • Rating IK 10 following DIN EN 50102
  • integrated scratch resistant surface prevents damage (handle / escutcheon)
  • Zinc-die type fulfills the requirements of resistance level RC2 (protection against vandalism) according to DIN V ENV 1630
  • great flexibility regarding cost / benefit due to the big variety of types
  • tested and approved by Deutsche Telekom