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Swinghandle 1150 with electromechanical release and emergency opening


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This handle is suitable for locking cabinets indoors. The release is eff ected by applying a voltage signal of 12 V or 24 V DC. After pushing the handle down into the dish briefly, it can be opened. Features
  • Integrated LED for signalling a released handle
  • Potential-free reed contact for remote monitoring of handle statues
  • Emergency opening with key possible in case of power failure
  • Dust cap will be destroyed in case of an emergency opening and needs to be replaced 
  • Connection option to Locking Unit 3000-U32-x or Access Unit 3000-U47-x connector plug optional
Art.-Nr. Article Weight Trading unit PU Ex stock STEP IGES
1150-B33 Cylinder Cover 0,0032 kg 1 1 1150-B33 1150-B33
1150-U56 Swinghandle 0,476 kg 1 1 X 1150-U56 1150-U56
1150-U56-01 Swinghandle 0,471 kg 1 25 X
1150-U56-01V Swinghandle 0,472 kg 10 20
1150-U56-V Swinghandle 0,49275 kg 10 1 1150-U56-V 1150-U56-V