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Return to normality


2023 fully on track

Dear customers,

We can once again live our credo "Close to the customer" without any major restrictions. Especially the numerous trade fairs that are now taking place again enable us to meet customers and partners in person. After all, nothing beats face-to-face talks - analogue and without a monitor. EMKA has adjusted well to the Europe-wide energy crisis. We have geared our daily actions to the current situation.

And we make our contribution every day with the help of various energy-saving measures. This is one of the reasons why our customers can remain relaxed about our ability to deliver. Because our warehouses are well stocked - and we can accept and fulfil new orders at any time. Our eleven production facilities in Germany, Spain, France, England, Bosnia, Serbia, China, India and Indonesia are all in operation and are also very flexible with regard to additional quantities needed at short notice.

In-house production has proven itself once again. In summary, we can say: We see ourselves well equipped as a manufacturer and supplier also in 2023 - well equipped for you.

Best regards

Joaquin Borge Sanchez (Director Sales Export)