Program 1091

Compared with ours pulls (No. 1091-103-01, 1091-103-02 and 1091-103-03) the new parts have essential advantages:

  • Due to the screw fastening, door gauges between 0.8 and 7 mm can be covered.
  • Due to the foamed sealing, a high protection class is achieved (from IP54 to IP65).
  • The fixing of variant B is effected internally by means of the fixing material included in the delivery, which makes a removal from outside impossible.

Furthermore, both variants allow an application of the company logo by multicolour pad printing.

10A-760: Pull Program 1091
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1091-105 STP
1091-106 IGS
1091-106 STP
1091-U144 IGS
1091-U144 STP

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