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产品系列 1325


CAD Info


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Swinghandles, Lifthandles and Escutcheons


Product description
  • for the classic cut out 50-50-50 (inside and outside the gasketing)
  • bending area 45 x 25 mm
  • flat design (30 mm)
  • IP 65 (When mounting within the interior using a cap)
  • IP 40 (quick assembly by hook mounting)
Product advantages
  • variable locking systems
  • robust thanks to fibre reinforced high-performance plastics
  • smooth running with high operating convenience
  • constant pivoting radius, independant of the mounting type
  • optimised haptics
  • integrated scratch protection to avoid surface damage (handle / dish)
  • patented innovative design (award-winning)
Art.-Nr.ArtikelGewichtMindestmengeVEEx stockSTEPIGES
1325-U1Swinghandle for rod box0,113 kg175X1325-U11325-U1
1325-U1-01Swinghandle for rod box0,12686 kg175X1325-U1-011325-U1-01
1325-U2Swinghandle for rod box0,125 kg160X1325-U21325-U2
1325-U2-01Swinghandle for rod box0,1376 kg150X1325-U2-011325-U2-01
1325-U3Swinghandle for rod box0,13392 kg170X1325-U31325-U3
1325-U3-01Swinghandle for rod box0,15938 kg11X1325-U3-011325-U3-01
1325-U4Swinghandle for rod box0,137 kg150X1325-U41325-U4
1325-U4-01Swinghandle for rod box0,14948 kg170X1325-U4-011325-U4-01
1325-U101Adapter for cam0,0151 kg11X1325-U1011325-U101