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卡式导向件, 用于3X14mm扁连杆

产品系列 1107 - 3000


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The rod guide also reaches high grip forces of more than 1.000 N on powder coated weld studs. The doors can be powder coated together with the weld studs completely without special protection of the pins. The rod guide is flexibly pretensioned. For dismantling, the strap is simply lifted out of the thread flanks – simple disassembly. A lug at the rod guide can be used for the fast mounting of the flat rod. The rod guide can be positioned specifically by a corresponding bore in the flat rod. Thanks to the constructive design of the rod guide the flat rods do not rattle. The flat rods do not fall out of the rod guide when slamming the doors with extended rods.
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1121-135Rod guide clip-in, polyamide 0,0053 kg14000X1121-1351121-135