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Between wind tunnel and well construction: EMKA supports efforts worldwide

Introducing young talents to speed skydiving: With the support of EMKA, the FSC Remscheid made it possible for ten young skydivers to receive special training with the reigning European champion Lucia Lippold. Inside a wind tunnel in Berlin, an extraordinary way of promoting young talent occurred. But EMKA has also been busy with other projects in recent…

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Plummenting at full speed towards earth: Records are being broken at the RSC Remscheid

EMKA continues to support sport events and social projects. There are new records to be set “in free fall”. Things were hot at lofty heights: the skydivers of the FSC Remscheid were at the starting lineup of the German and Swiss Championships, and the FSC Remscheid was more than successfully. Right at the front: the “Deutschland 8er” and Lucia Lippold. The…

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EMKA and its partners support animals and sponsor sports

For many years, EMKA has supported various clubs from different sports and is committed to good causes: from football to skydiving and roller hockey to taking in, caring for, and finding new homes for street dogs in Bosnia. EMKA is currently working on a new co-sponsoring programme to offer attractive packages to interested companies and partner firms,…

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Together with the YOU Foundation, EMKA is driving forward the construction of a local well.

EMKA sponsors top athletes and access to clean water

Promoting social projects worldwide together with local partners: EMKA sponsors Düsseldorf‘s YOU Foundation in its digital donation concept, referred to as the SmartAid app. Thanks to Blockchain Technology, donors can track the path of their money themselves – all the way to the intended recipient. The project’s agenda includes the construction of wells to…

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Target jumping, unerring on roller skates, and animal-loving on wheels

An airy event with sporting superlatives: at the German Championships in Accuracy Landing, the EMKA helicopter completed a total of 64,000 metres of altitude difference in three days. An awe-inspiring number, which was only exceeded by the top performances of the participating jumpers. The roller hockey players from RSC Cronenberg (Wuppertal, Germany) and…

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German championships in parachute finish jumping

EMKA's skydivers from the FSC Remscheid competed with the international target jumping elite last weekend in great weather in Bodenfelde on the bend of the River Weser in Lower Saxony/Germany. And they were extremely successful! Again on board: EMKA. We congratulate all athletes on their successes and the successful and excellently organised event!

You can…

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EMKA’s athletes are back in the limelight!

A spectacular sight: Eight parachutists, the Germany Eight, in free-fall high above the Southern German landscape, virtually at eye level with the clouds. Here, three members of the FSC Remscheid, which is supported by EMKA, practice the free-fall formation with the German National Team.

Fortunately, the football club Westfalia Herne was able to avert such…

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Blue Skies! Thumbs up for EMKA skydivers

Training days for the Team Canopy Formation of parachuting club Remscheid: Once again the world-class athletes draw with their EMKA parachutes fascinating pictures in the blue skies, e.g. as a 4-person diamond formation shown in the picture.

The Canopy Formation - or short term “CF” – stands for a discipline in which the athletes create figures with fully…

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Whether human or animal: EMKA has a heart for all little ones

It is a well-known fact that EMKA has been supporting individuals and sports clubs for years. But the commitment also goes beyond sports. Therefore, this time we are taking a look at the hopes of two football clubs for young talents. On the other hand, numerous of our four-legged friends will also benefit from the EMKA Sponsoring Program. Read about it…

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Animal Rescue Bosnia

… is a project of the EMKA Group to rescue and replace dogs without a home in new and loving hands in Europe. For this purpose we are currently building a dog rescue shelter according to European standards in Goražde in Bosnia. The first buildings are in place and numerous dogs are already accommodated with us.

In addition to numerous other projects to…

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