Okretno-natezne bravice

Okretno-natezne bravice

Program 1000

Vibration proof
The compression latch is of a vibration-proof design.
Depending on the installation location and operational conditions specific
checks are necessary and/or supplementary measures of fastening required.

1B-220: Okretno-natezne bravice Program 1000
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1000-U748 IGS
1000-U748 STP
1000-U748-01 IGS
1000-U748-01 STP
1000-U749 IGS
1000-U749 STP
1000-U749-01 IGS
1000-U749-01 STP
1000-U755-01 IGS
1000-U755-01 STP
1000-U777 IGS
1000-U777 STP
1000-U777-01 IGS
1000-U777-01 STP
1000-U783 IGS
1000-U783 STP
1000-U795 IGS
1000-U795 STP
1000-U796 IGS
1000-U796 STP
1000-U798 IGS
1000-U798 STP
1000-U805 IGS
1000-U805 STP
1000-U807 IGS
1000-U807 STP
1000-U809 IGS
1000-U809 STP
1000-U811 IGS
1000-U811 STP
1000-U831 IGS
1000-U831 STP
1000-U831 IGS
1000-U831 STP
1000-U831-01 IGS
1000-U831-01 STP

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